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About the Eastward

Eastward is a detailed and charming adventure game from the Shanghai-based indie developer Pixpilin, set in the near future where society begins to collapse and human population is at an all-time low. The game tells the story of John and Sam, an unlikely duo who embark on an exciting adventure across the country. Published by Stardew Valley publisher Chucklefish, Eastward pushes the two characters to the surface of their world and forces the landscape to devastate.

The story of John, a gruff man of acts and not words, and his companion Sam, an energetic, white-haired little girl that he finds to be Eastward follows. The 30 or so hours it takes to get through will be clear, but one thing that captivates the story is the heartwarming relationship between Sam and John. The game tells the stories of John and Sam, John as a silent father figure for Sam and Sam, when he and John embark on an unexpected journey.

Each battle is unique, and you can switch between John, who receives an arsenal of weapons, and Sam, who uses his trusted frying pan and magical beam ability. John and Sam’s skills are key to the most challenging boss battles in the East, and moments after beating an enemy with a frying pan, John acquires a weapon, flamethrower, and gear gun, each with a different bomb, if that’s not enough. While John struggles with weapons like his trusted frying pan (bang, bang, bang), a bomb-dropping weapon to clear the way, and his arsenal of internals, Sam uses energy to stun enemies and clear paths through overgrown vegetation.

Johns and Sam’s skills are also crucial in some of the more challenging boss battles in the East when beating enemies with a frying pan is simply not enough (later, Johns will acquire a weapon, flamethrower, and cogwheel weapon in addition to various bombs). The use of character skills such as John’s Bombs, Frying Pan, and Sam’s Stun is essential to solving puzzles in dungeons and outdoor environments. Fighting is nothing special, and puzzles wear away their welcome culture, but characters, scenery, and sound are an unforgettable experience.

In fact, there is even a complete game called Earth Born which comes complete with its own currency in the game and a gacha system. This is great fun if you want to take a break to advance the main storyline. Eastward is heavily based on the classic role-playing games mentioned above as well as EarthBound and the 2D games Legend of Zelda. On the surface, it is the sum of many parts popularized by other classic games.

While dealing with the trivialities of an exquisite cast of characters and a story close to the heart of the world you are trying to save, everyday life in Eastward consists of every person and robot deemed good-looking in the post-apocalypse and the result is a poignant, detailed story that owes as much to the plot of a Zelda game to the intimacy of the role-playing game Earthbound. In the background of Eastward’s main plot is a playable game called Earth Born, a role-playing game, available on arcade machines throughout the city. Earth Born runs through the whole story and seems like a mysterious parallel to John and Sam, whether you decide to play it or not.

Eastward is an indie role-playing action-adventure game developed by Pixpil and published by Chucklefish. Immerse yourself in a heart-warming, story-driven adventure full of fun and crazy humor. Eastward is a detailed and charming adventure game by Shanghai-based indie developer Pixpils.

Eastward is a single-player role-playing game developed by Pixpil and published by Chucklefish. Eastward is also a single-player game in which you play as one of the two characters. For much of the game, John and Sam travel synchronously from one to the other, and you can switch between them in the first and second position by pressing a trigger on your controller.

Eastward also has a dual combat system that lets the player swap between John and Sam at will. At the beginning of the game, John is equipped with a frying pan that can be used as a melee weapon. In an action reminiscent of the classic Zelda, you navigate the two characters through sections of the map in direction and solve a few environmental puzzles to separate them.

It’s a slow start, but Eastward kicks off with a lovely post-apocalyptic roar of life and action, an exquisite cast of characters and a story that cares about the world you’re trying to save. Eastward does not live and die alone through his struggles and riddles. So why waiting to download the eastward redeem code. Just get it and feel free to write your feedback to us.

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