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The Timberborn redeem code is here for you to unlock the whole game on your PC today. As you know timberborn is a city-building game developed and published by mechanistry. The game has been released only on PC, however, game creators got overall positive reviews according to the steam store.

This game would cost you merely 22.49 dollars, however, you don’t have to spend a single dollar if you opt to download the timberborn redeem code from this blog. This giveaway is scheduled for a limited period, therefore don’t defer the download.

Timberborn Redeem Code

About the Timberborn

Build a thriving city with an efficient production chain and avoid nightly activities. Construction of large cities with efficient production chains and nightly activities. Districts are where your beavers live, work and play; they are set one by one, and you can build a district in the center of town if you want. Good residents of each district are there to live and work.

Diversion of the river by building dams, digging water channels, explosives and beavers from future millennia with experience in water engineering. Construction of dams and locks, digging of canals and explosives, diversion of the river and regeneration of the wasteland.

Build tall wooden structures for your beavers and manage their water supply. In the equivalent of Deadly Winter or other similar games, you need to stock up on food to keep the farm running when the rivers dry up.

Timberborn is an urban building game that features ingenious animals, vertical architecture, and river control. The plot of the game is that humanity goes as far as we can throw them, but the beavers stay behind and they want to thrive. Timberborn lets players take command of a beaver civilization and build a city.

Beavers want to grow over time, which means they want to build things like waterwheels and motors to ensure their society can thrive. In order to survive in the arid wasteland, your beaver colony must divert rivers, dam floodgates, terraform, cut down trees, and build sophisticated machinery and vertical cities. Beavers are very smart and able to build dams and dykes to control water flow to meet the current and future needs of their settlements.

Timberborn is a game that allows you to build dams and vertical wooden cities to save your beaver’s colony from extreme droughts. The whole idea of the game is to build a society so that the beavers can thrive. In the game, you choose a beaver faction and start building beaver towns.

There are already a few ready-made maps created by the developers with different layouts, terrain shapes and difficulty levels, and the Timberborn editor thanks us for creating maps that we share with the gaming community and accept the challenge of creating maps from players.

There are 7 cards in the game, and you can create your own cards using the Build Editor or download one of the cards to share with other players. Each has green hills of varying heights, ruins scattered across the desert, and winding rivers on which to build dams, with each map presenting a different challenge. In each of these areas, life depends on access to water, and each map presents different challenges. Since the start of the project, we have improved the game and added new features based on community feedback.

Players have total control over a pack of beavers and must collect logs, food, and water to survive. Lumberpunk beavers can build sophisticated machines with dynamite and search human ruins for resources.

The two beaver factions play very different roles, but both use Timberborn’s unique interpretation of the urban construction genre, with water engineering, dams, and water physics dictating success. As you would expect from a beaver game, the timber industry plays a key role, but not only for sawmills and huts – wood colonies grow layer by layer from platforms and bridges. How we manage beaver colonies is the main component of our building on wood.

Find it and send your scavengers to the ruins of the ancient world. Create a thriving beaver colony with a vertical architectural system. Each faction looks and plays differently and has access to non-partisan buildings. You can choose between two playable beaver factions, and there are 50 buildings in total, but all are faction-exclusive. Hope you have enjoyed the tutorial on the timberborn redeem code. You can contact us for any kind of issues with this program.

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